Home Brewers Unite!


Today is the day after ‘Home Brewer day’ and the last week to get those home brews started in time for the Home Brew Competition at the Tahoe Brewfest! You should have enough time to ferment your home brews if you start THIS WEEK (May 8th-12th).

There are many things that can make a home brewer unique and we want to see them all!

The Home Brewer Competition – King of the Home Brews – will be on Saturday June 10th, 2017 from 1:30-3:30pm. This event will be judged by 5 judges from the craft brew industry (CCBA). Are you wondering why we are asking for 20, 22 oz. bottles (440 oz. of beer) for 5 judges?? Well, the home brew tent will also be open to 100 attendees that would like to purchase a separate ticket to taste the home brews. These special 100 attendees will also be judging each home brew for the the ‘People’s Choice’ award!

This competition is an ale style competition and must be ALE to enter. No lagers or sours. With only 1 type of beer, the competition will be fierce! Please be sure to make your ale creative so that you can STAND OUT from the rest of them. The competition is open to up to 25 participants and for this first year, that is a lot of competition. Bring it on!

To sign up to be a Home Brew Vendor, a $100 REFUNDABLE deposit must be made to insure your spot. “Why do we need to give you $100 to enter the competition?!” We want to make sure that all home brewers will show up with their product. But you WILL get a 100% refund of your $100 on the DAY OF the event. When signing up online, you will be sent to a PayPal account. As soon as you pay the $100 deposit, you are guaranteed a spot. So what now?!

Once you have singed up, paid your deposit and started your home brew, sit back and relax – and think of all the things that you will do with your prize money if you win. All home brews need to be dropped off NO LATER than June 8th, 2017 at 5pm to Cold Water Brewery. Okay, so it’s June 9th, the day before the event, and you’re wondering what to do tomorrow?

COME AND ENJOY THE BREWFEST! Home Brewers are not allowed to pour their own beer (rules, rules, and more rules – so that we can continue the Brewfest next year!) so we will have volunteers pouring them for you! How awesome, right? Now you can enjoy the Brewfest in it’s entirety! Tickets can be purchased on the website for the Tahoe Brewfest. King of the Home Brews tickets can be purchased on the day of the event at the Home Brew Tent. The competition will begin at 1:30pm and will be open for 2 hours to allow for all 100 special attendees to sample what they would like!

Any other questions? Take a look at our FAQ’s on the “Home Brew Vendor Application’ and if that doesn’t do it, shoot us an e-mail at TahoeBrewfest@bgclt.org