Countdown to Brewfest








The Tahoe Brewfest [location above] is now less than two months away and our dedicated Development Manager Nicole has been working around the clock to ensure that this year’s event is a great success and raises much needed funding for the Club. Check out the photo to the right of her on Lake Tahoe TV!


Deb Brown of Cold Water Brewery is the visionary behind the Tahoe Brewfest and from the start wanted the event to be both a celebration of the local craft beer industry and to also give back to our local community.  Deb has a heart as big as her Brewery but it is clear that many others in our community also share her passion.

From the staff at Vail who gave us Cal Lodge for the day and are helping with the planning and preparation of the event, to the Lodging Association who were early supporters of the event in 2017, to the Blue Rider Biking Club, Michelle Keck with Oliver Luxury Relators, and the Ski Run Association.  Many individuals and businesses in town have thrown time, energy and money behind the event, and will be crucial in its success.



In particular, LTVA and the Tahoe South brand have ensured that the Brewfest reaches a wide audience.  Putting the event in marketing materials and on billboards across California.  Local hotels have also been major investors and we are delighted that so many of our local restaurants, food trucks and retailers want to be part of the day.


Following in Deb’s vision of giving back, it is our mission that the Brewfest will give to the Club, but also ensure that an otherwise quiet weekend becomes a major moneymaker for everyone in town.  If you want to be part of the day, email Nicole at ASAP.



And, continuing in the beer theme.  On April 26th the Tahoe Chamber is hosting Connect for a Cause at South Tahoe Brewing.  The event is raising money for all the non profits in town who directly support and help kids.  There will be beer, raffle prizes and a bike decorating contest.  If you are a member of the Chamber (or even if you are not!) please come along to the event and support all of us who make a difference in the lives of local children.

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