Are dogs allowed?

We discourage bringing dogs because of the hot pavement and crowds; however, you will not be turned away if you bring a dog.

Will there be alcoholic drinks other than beer?

Yes! We will have ciders & kombucha available as well.

Are individuals under 21 allowed?

Yes! We are family friendly.

Will there be nonalcoholic drinks there?

Yes! We will have,Tahoe Tap, Liquid Death, and more TBD.

Do I bring cash or credit card?

We recommend to bring both. There will be an ATM at the front of the venue. Vendors may take cash or card. If tickets are available the day of the event, you can purchase them online through a QR code that will be present at the event,

How much are the tickets for non drinkers / under 21?

You can enter the event for free if you are not planning to drink alcohol. However, since this is a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Tahoe, we accept donations for those who are not purchasing a ticket.

How many Breweries will there be for the 6th Annual?

We will have more than 40 breweries to choose from which is double from last year! This will significantly reduce lines.

If I have a VIP ticket, and my friend does not drink, can they come into the VIP area with me without a VIP ticket?

Unfortunately, no. We do not offer any VIP discounts for non-drinkers. They are welcome to attend the event for free but will not have access to the VIP area. We sell a limited amount of VIP tickets due to space. However, VIP offers more than just more beer. VIP has more seating areas, food options, nice restrooms, and more!

Where do I park?

We encourage you to leave your keys at home or at your hotel and be responsible. We recommend you ride a bike or lime scooter, use Lake Link, walk, or get dropped off by a designated driver.

What should and can I bring?

We encourage you to bring a hat (and/or purchase one at the event from Tahoe HeartBeat), sunscreen, comfortable shoes that do well on a black pavement, sunglasses, a reusable bag to shop with, a reusable water bottle, a fully charged phone, your ID and a good attitude!

Can I purchase tickets at the event?

Yes, only if tickets do not sell out. We will not accept cash at the front. We will have a QR code available where you can purchase them online with a credit card, Apply Pay, you Bank, and PayPal. GA will be $65 at the doors.

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