From mountain cabins to lakefront condos…

South Lake Tahoe has it all when it comes to lodging.  But the best beds in town are those found at one of our lodging sponsors.  All the properties featured on our Lodging Page agree with us that the community is what makes our town so great.  And they are giving back to our community by partnering with us to make the Tahoe Brewfest the premier event of the summer.
Whether you chose the Tahoe Seasons Resort, mere footsteps from the Brewfest venue; the epic views at Tahoe Ridge Resort, or paddling in the Lake at one of our many beach properties, we have somewhere to suit all tastes and budgets.
Many of the lodging options are within walking or very easy driving distance of the Brewfest.  Aston Lakeland Village is even offering a free shuttle to the Brewfest for their guests, giving you door to door service, and taking away any need to limit your tastings.
For those with kids we have family-friendly condo options.  Or if this is a romantic get-away for you and that special someone, then the newly refurbished Alder Inn offers cozy rooms and an outdoor hut tub.
So even if you’re not coming from far away, kick back, relax, stay for the weekend and soak up the south shore vibes.  Because while the beer will always be served cold; you can guarantee a warm welcome at every hotel.
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