Meet Cold Water Brewery’s brewer, David!

We asked him a few questions to get to know him and the awesome things he has accomplished!

About David Salter:

Years brewing: 13.5 years

How did you become a brewer?
“When I lived in Auburn Ca., a craft/import beer bar called The World Pub opened up down the street from me and introduced me to real craft beer. After becoming good friends with the owner, he connected me with a local hard cidery, where I learned most of the transferable skills that landed me in brewery jobs eventually.”
What is your favorite beer to brew?
“Anything and everything. There’s a beer style for (almost) everyone and I just enjoy brewing.”
What is your favorite beer to drink?
“Vienna lagers are my favorite and I wish they were more popular, followed by West Coast IPA’s. There’s also probably PBR in my fridge, you can judge me, that’s fine.”
What does brewing mean to you?
“To me, brewing means community. Beer brings people together from all walks of life. There’s nothing like sharing a cold beer with friends, or making new ones over a pint. Beer introduced me to my wife who had been a brewer for another local brewery when we met, new friends all across the country, and countless dog belly scratches.”
Any upcoming beers in the works?
“I’m going to go with my anything and everything answer again. That’s the beauty of pub brewing and not being on a tight production/distribution schedule. Lots of room for creativity and fun, in my opinion the whole point of this industry.”
What beers will you pour at the 6th annual Tahoe Brewfest?
“I have something special planned for a release at the Brewfest, but no spoilers, you’ll just have to come see and taste for yourself.”
What are other breweries you have worked for?
“I travelled around as a brewery consultant with my wife, so quite a few. We brewed together at our North Lake Tahoe neighbors, Alibi Ale Works, and my personal mentions would be New Helvetia, Sacramento Ca., Lagunitas, Petaluma Ca., Rubicon Brewing Co, Sacramento Ca., Ska Brewing, Durango Co., Anchor Brewing, San Francisco Ca., Knee Deep, Auburn Ca., and Discretion Brewing, Santa Cruz Ca.”
Any beer accolades?
“I wish I had kept better track. There have been a few gold, silver, bronze, and various colored ribbons from GABF, Best of Craft Beer, California State fair, L.A. International, and most recently a bronze for my helles lager at California Craft Brewers Cup.”
We would also like to thank Cold Water Brewery for being a sponsor for this event and hosting our VIP Chill Zone.

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